luba-vangelovaI’ve written about the future of learning for the likes of TheAtlantic.com, the NPR/PBS MindShift site, and Salon, and I’ve curated a site on the topic. (For an introduction to self-directed learning, please see this presentation.)

My most popular education articles include: “Five-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus” (also reprinted by other media outlets and translated into half a dozen languages), “This is What a Student-Designed School Looks Like,” and “To Advance Education, We Must First Re-Imagine Society.”

Aside from education, I’ve published articles about business, social issues, science and many other topics, in media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, and National Geographic Traveler, and I’ve contributed to several books. I’ve also worked on staff for international corporations and non-profits, and currently do consulting projects. I have degrees in systems engineering and journalism.

Among other things, I’m now developing plans to create an all-ages “co-learning/co-working/co-mmunity” hub in Washington, DC. I’m envisioning it as a hybrid of an all-ages community college (offering a full-day micro-academy option, as well as an à-la-carte menu of classes and programs); a co-working/business-incubator space; and a community center. Children/youth could attend classes alongside adults (with pre-requisites, when needed) and develop skills while working on real, useful projects that create value for themselves as well as for the larger community. Aside from removing unnecessary age- and place-based silos and fostering a feeling of purpose and belonging, the hub would model a different culture of how people can relate to themselves, to each other, and to the wider human and non-human community–one that is more respectful, inclusive and win-win; builds on individual strengths; and is oriented toward sustaining individual and community wellbeing (“real wealth”).

To stay up-to-date with my education-related writing, please enter your information on the form on the right. If you’d like to discuss the hub project in particular (currently in the R&D phase), please send me a note through the contact form.